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Epoxy Finish

Epoxy provides a very durable finish over concrete. CRETEsealers uses only the best commercial epoxies that are 100% solids material. The 100% solids are a thicker material than a roll on epoxy and are applied with a notched squeegee and then back-rolled.

A solid color epoxy is suitable for warehouse or manufacturing floors, showroom floors, or other commercial environments where there is high traffic or where a sealed floor is required. In environments where the concrete is in bad condition or where a highly durable floor is needed, the epoxy coating can be sand-flooded for extra strength and leveling.
100% epoxy with chips and urethane top coat
Decorative epoxy coatings are ideal for residential garage floors or public access areas where a robust or sanitary coating is required, but a more decorative look is desired. The three different types of decorative epoxy floors are:

Rental facility w/ chipped epoxy floor
Chipped floor: Multi-colored chips are broadcast on top of the uncured epoxy and then sealed with a chemical resistant urethane. Ideal for residential garage floors or work environments where a more decorative look and a high gloss finish is desired. Residential garage - 100% tan epoxy with chips
Quartz floor: A multi-layer epoxy floor with a complete broadcast of a fine colored quartz embedded in the layers. A clear epoxy is used so the floor obtains its color from the quartz. This coating is ideal for extremely robust environments where a non-slip surface is necessary (e.g. warehouse or garage floor).

Close-up of grey epoxy with chips and non slip adhesive
Seamless Floor: A seamless floor is a quartz floor with the addition of a seamless cover extending on the wall surface. This floor is ideal for commercial kitchens, lavatories, or any environment that requires sanitary floors, easy cleanup, and a non-slip surface.
Pet store w/ quartz epoxy floor Seamless quartz floor w/ cove base Quartz floor in cafe
Quartz epoxy in clean area  

Before and After

BEFORE - Garage floor before epoxy - porous, worn & cracked AFTER - Same garage floor after 100% epoxy
BEFORE - Several layers of paint peeling AFTER - Same floor after stripping and applying epoxy with chips

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