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Acid Stain & Dyes

Acid stains and dyes will transform any plain concrete surface into a luxurious and unique floor providing an old world look that resembles natural stone.

The popularity of acid stained floors is easy to understand when you compare the benefits over other flooring options:

      Unique designs that model each concrete floor slightly different than any other as the concrete slab accepts the stain in varying degrees of intensity, creating multiple shades of color variations.

      Concrete provides the most durable floor available and is easy to clean and maintain.      

      Scoring can be included to add additional unique designs to the floor, whether it is a simple tile pattern or an elaborate custom design.

      Acid staining is less expensive than most other floor coverings including most tiles, hardwoods, and even some grades of carpeting.



2-Color stain w/ scoring
Scored design w/ stains and dyes on a overlay
2-Color acid stained checkeboard pattern Black and cola stain w/ a diamond pattern Multi-color acid stains with stone cut pattern

Before and After

BEFORE- Cracked and pitted floor w/ tile glue AFTER- Overlay w/ acid staining    

Acid Stain Color Chart

Maylay Tan Cola Black Aqua Blue

Maylay Tan



Aqua Blue

Buckskin suede tone with carmel marbling
Reddish brown resembling old leather
Tortoise shell black with brown marbling
Soft blue patina with undertones of green
English Red Golden Wheat Green Lawn Vintage Umber

English Red

Golden Wheat

Green Lawn

Vintage Umber

Terra cotta with rust and soft brown hues
Amber hued undertones
Soft grey resembling aged Italian marble
Rich earthy brown

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